Swyp is the most affordable Visitor Checking App

Wether you have a small office or a large enterprise location, you can rely on Swyp to provide seamless visitor experience. With Swyp you can let your visitors check-in securely as well as the system notifies the host about the arrival of guest. Swyp Visitor Management App is fully managed with a cloud based company portal. Let your visitor feel they are in a high tech place by replacing the traditional paper based visitor log book with new digital experience.

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%Best Visitor Management System %SWYP
Basic Plan
$0.00 / mo
  • iPad Application
  • Check-in Flows
  • Visitor Notification by email
  • Company Dashboard
  • Visitor Checkin Log
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%Best Visitor Management System %SWYP
Standard Plan
$49.00 / mo
  • All Basic Features
  • Branding tool
  • Custom Visitor Checkin Flow
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Check
  • Self Checkin
  • QR Code Visitor Badge
  • Multi Location Support
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%Best Visitor Management System %SWYP
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  • All Standard Features
  • Custom Development
  • API Integration
  • Badge Printing
  • On Premises Deployment
  • Group Check-In
  • Sync with Calendar
  • Access List Control
  • Export Visitor Data
  • .. much moer
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