SWYP Features
Helping you own the first impression with useful features, and an intuitive interface


Whether you have one location or multiple, this is one of the swyp features ensures that the guest experience will be the same everywhere.

Synchronization Centrally

All data and events are synched centrally to your dashboard as they happen in real-time. Make the most of these swyp features.

Notifications To Staff Members

At the moment guests check in, team members are notified through email or SMS that their guest has arrived.

Badge Printing

Take pictures of your visitors and print badges on the spot. Doesn't get more convenient than that.

Profile Capturing

Capture your visitors' information and make their next visit even smoother by auto-completing their profile, speeding up the check-in and registration even more.

Visitor Log

Easily keep track of all visitors that come to your locations. No more manual input or keeping track of Excel sheets, instead easily access visitor logs from your dashboard.

Secure And Private

We take data and privacy seriously and ensure that data in our visitor management system is stored securely and in respect to privacy laws.

Custom Branding

The visitor experience should be your own. swyp gives you complete control of the entire visitor journey according to your brand experience.


swyp has the capacity to collect and make reports from the trends in your visitors' feedback and other data. This feature allows you to improve visitors' experience.

Group Sign in

Visitor can come as a group or a single visitor to sign-in on behalf of group members. Group sign-in is also one of the innovative swyp features that makes it easier for a large group of visitors to check-in with just one tap.

Watch list

You can add any visitor in the watch list, the system will notify the admin upon the check-ins/out and duration of time spent at your premises. This is one of the most amazing swyp features you cannot miss.

Pre Sign-in

In this feature the host can register an upcoming visitor with the date and time. The visitor will receive his sign-in bagdge by email along with a QR code. The visitor can display the QR code from his email to check-in without filling all other information.

When visitors arrive, what happens?

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iPad Kiosk for visitors sign in

As visitors arrive at your office, they can easily enter their details and sign the document on the iPad directly.

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Swyp notifies the host

swyp automatically alerts you when the guest submits his/her details. Notifications are sent via Whatsapp, SMS, Slack, and Email.

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Visitors Checking Records

swyp allows you to know who to greet and use their names correctly. It provides you valuable stats and information about your visitors.

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Secure Work Place

We make it easy to secure your workplace with our meeting invitation feature. You can invite special visitors by sending them a secure Check-In pass.

Swyp Integrates with Other Platforms

Because the goal of our visitor management system is to make things easier and quicker, our software can integrate with the following platforms.


Receive notifications via Slack immediately a guest or visitor signs in.

GSuite Directory

swyp automatically synchrinizes your users data into your Gsuite directory.


swyp automatically updates your subscribers list on Mailchimp.


Use any office tools with swyp for better data management.

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Increase the Agility of Work

Use swyp's inbuilt reporting system to plan your business right. See how the pieces fit together so you can spot gaps and overlaps to make customer experience better.

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Instant Badge Printing

Based on the customer check-in information, swyp can print visitor badges for your visitors on the spot. Visitor badges helps you to keep track of authorized visitors and can be customized according to your brand, as well as allowing you to print different types of badges depending on the visitor status.